Cooking with @fat-elvis - Harvest vegetables

Hi folks,

I haven't been posting very much lately. Kinda just been in the dumps for some reason. But things look brighter in my near future.

So today my local market had fresh local produce all wrapped up.


So I picked up some fresh veggies and roasted some up.


I dusted them in red pepper and garlic spice mix. And ate them with some fried chicken that they make on site at the market, and its way better than Popeyes or KFC.


There it is. Delicious.

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Simple but it's looks good.

14.09.2019 02:26

Great food is often simple. A few ingredients is all it takes. Thanks for reading.

14.09.2019 15:54

Looking good @fat-elvis! Hang in there, buddy. I know it can sound insincere but I do mean it when I say, every day is a gift.

14.09.2019 13:00

I hear ya buddy. But depression is a hell of a thing. I met a new lady friend, and she seems as sweet as sugar, so I have that bit of positivity going!

14.09.2019 15:58

This would have hit the Spot. This is the kind of food that makes you want a few more bites and yet is much better than commercial crap. And NO CHEMICALS!

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14.09.2019 14:40

Thanks for reading. Yes, I find myself lately gravitating away from processed and pre-made food. And it's fun to cook and come up with recipes!

14.09.2019 15:55