Cooking with @fat-elvis - gluten free chicken lasagne

Hi everybody.

Lately I've been seemingly developing gluten intolerance. So I wanted to make a Lasagne with rice pasta.


So here's how it went.


I used my home made canned tomato sauce. (I made a post a while ago about that)


Then layers. Bottom to top is

Red sauce
Noodle layerGround cooked chicken
Noodle layer
Spinach and goat cheese
Noodle layer
Basil and red sauce
Mozzarella and Parmesan



And yeah, it was as good as a regular noodle lasagne, honestly. In fact I think I prefer the GF rice pasta to wheat pasta.

Anyway, get cookin' steemit!

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Oh man that gluten problem sucks, but great if the alternative tastes fantastic! Take care big guy🤙🤙

10.12.2019 03:10

Yeah man. This pasta is basically one ingredient, rice, and it's really good. Give it a try.

11.12.2019 01:09

Mmmm I love it when you cook. 😍

How’s life? Is your new lady friend still in the picture? I am snoopy and was just thinking about you the other day and hoping life out of the kitchen is going well for you. 🤗

10.12.2019 04:54

Life out if the kitchen is OK. Thanks for thinking of me. My new lady is kinda in the picture, as such, I think we will be friends but not lovers, lol. My divorce is not going well though. I hope things change

11.12.2019 02:39


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