Cooking with @fat-elvis - cedar plank salmon and Japanese yams

Hi all.

My new lady friend has to work, so I decided to do some kick ass BBQ.


So I cedar planked and seasoned a gorgeous fish. Salmon, almost my favorite, steelhead trout is my favorite, salmon is close.


Grill baby grill.


Look at that char on the wood. I went to go into the house and came back to fire, lol. Caught it before it got the fish!

The yams are nicely done. So sweet, so flavourful. My gosh, I could eat Asian yams every day and be a happy @fat-elvis.

So Japanese yams are a perfect food, does that mean they can't be kicked in the ass a bit? No ma'am, kick that ass.


That's my favorite thing! Japanese Mayo, this is Kenko, not Kewpie, but still fantabulous. Well my favorite thing is my Filipina lady, so this is my favorite food thing, lol. I smeared that stuff all over the yams and let it melt and caramelize.



Come on... You need to try this... If your one of those people that does takeaway food, prepared food, restaurant and microwave dinners. Easy pasta and the likes. Get yourself cooking. This was such an easy meal, and could be done in an oven with no cedar, and the us could be broiled or fried to a similar result.

Stay awesome steemit. Keep on posting. I feel like we've lost a bit of steem so to speak!

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But tell us more about your lady friend! 😍

21.09.2019 02:43

Oh man. @dfinney I honestly never thought I'd find someone ever again. I thought I was resigned to be alone then boom along comes a beautiful Filipina. Give me time. I'm a broken man. Lol.

21.09.2019 03:05

I LOVE IT! I am so happy for you. You are awesome. Of course someone would notice this in person! 🤗

21.09.2019 03:52

I've got a stack of cedar planks and guess what I use them for?
My kids love Salmon on a plank.
Tried with all sorts of different styles including Asian seasonings.

21.09.2019 02:48

Its so good. This was paprika and garlic. Classic. Grilling is so awesome, I'm glad someone else embraces the cedar plank!

21.09.2019 03:07

Nicely done bro. Yuck mayo again....

21.09.2019 16:00