Alex Trebec would call it Pot Pourri

Hi all

Just a quick post. Nothing much going on, but Winter decided to start kicking the prairies ass.


So I was at the local Ford dealer with my work truck, for some service. And saw this bad ass machine. If you follow me, you'll probably know I'm a bit of an outdoorsman. And this F750 diesel quad cab motorhome, with wait for it... 4 wheel drive! I mean come on! That kicks major ass!


Then What tops off a day, when your lady's working nights? Burgers baby... Burgers.


Kinda a shitpost, sorry for wasting your time, lol.

steemsilvergold 4eva

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Looks tasty though.

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01.10.2019 04:34

Fuddruckers. Always awesome burgers! Cheers Karris!

02.10.2019 01:57

A post from you is NEVER a waste of time. ☺️ I still can’t believe you have snow!!!

01.10.2019 04:41

Thanks dfin. Yeah we got an early blast. It won't stay though. Some areas of Alberta got 3 feet of show 😮

02.10.2019 01:58