Under the boardwalk

Or as they say in Yorkshire "pier"

From a walkabout around Whitby at daft o'clock this morning, I managed to capture the motion on a lone photographer conveniently bang on in the right position. Shot with a variable ND filter to slow the world down...


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31.12.2019 10:14

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31.12.2019 10:20

Kind of a moody shot here.

I'm not a photographer, please enlighten me on what a variable ND filter does if you could. (Sorry, if it's too difficult thing to explain just say so.)

31.12.2019 10:25

Thanks, it's a circular filter added to a lens where as you turn the filter it reduces the amount of light hitting the sensor meaning that I can use longer exposures in daylight. This particular filter is variable from 3 stops of light to 7 stops. So if I have a regular exposure reading of 1/200th second exposure time, dialling in 3 stops of ND filter will make the exposure change to 1 /25th second. Hope that helps explain it :-)

31.12.2019 10:35

Yes, that helps...I have an idea of the concept. Similar to a skylight filter I guess, but it does different things. Cheers.

31.12.2019 10:53