I has begun!

Will welding.jpg

My oldest son, Will has been showing some interest in forging and welding lately, so I have started exposing him to some basics.

The welding is going well. He seems to be picking it up quickly.

The forging is proving a bit more challenging. It takes a lot more forethought, dexterity and he is only border line big enough to do it.

I'm keeping the sessions short and sweet. Focusing only on the most basic elements of the disciplines. There will be no drills for a long time yet. I'm very aware of keeping it shorter than he really wants it to be, so that he doesn't tire and get weary of the whole thing.

I think keeping it super simple and keeping him always wanting a little more is the key at this point.

It's so much fun to think that I may be able to impart some of my life time of learning this stuff to my kids.

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