Happy Thursday Everyone, time to serve up some of that beautiful color GREEN !!

Here on our farm in Upstate NY, we are surrounded by many colors, but green abounds in lots of shapes and forms. The color green always seems to make me want to take a big breath of the fresh air. I feel so blessed to have such clean air here and you know why the air is clean? You got it...all the green.

We have been planting trees for years, mostly hardwoods, like this black walnut you see here.


We grow a ton of #veggies. Our goal each growing season is to grow enough to bring us through until the next harvest. This year has been wonderful, there's no doubt that mother nature plays a big part in our produce production. The weather has been great.


The pepper plants are still producing, I guess they like the cooler nights.


Although the main broccoli heads were picked last month, these flowerets are still poppin'.


I have never had cucumbers this late in the season, but boy I'll take it, thanks MOM aka Mrs. Nature.


The walnuts are almost ready to pluck, we just have to hope we can beat the squirrels to the punch or should I say picking.


These are our hops, they were all harvested 3 weeks ago, dried and are in the freezer ready for the brewing...beer that is.


As you can see, we love the green. #gardening and #homesteading can be challenging, but so worth it. We know our #food and keep working toward @sustainablelivin just like all our friends in the #gardencorner.

Nothing like seeing kids and dogs enjoying the green scenery!


A big shout out to @kalemandra for hosting this beautiful challenge!

Enjoy the day folks! Think GREEN...it really is the future.

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It's so wonderful!

I wish i could get my neighbors to plant trees around here.

26.09.2019 20:33

Good morning @rossfletcher, nice to hear from you.
I encourage anyone who will listen to plant trees, not only do they help to absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen, they provide shelter for almost all living creatures. Just think of the birds we try to capture on film, so beautiful.
We have been members of the Arbor Day Foundation for years and with a small donation they send us baby trees. We plant them every year. Lots of times I'll start them in small pots to decorate the deck, anyway, sorry to ramble, but green is good, think green in every way !
Hope you have a wonderful day !

27.09.2019 13:19

Just in my neighborhood there are so many places that trees could be planted. It seems like a no-brainer for businesses and even churches to plant trees all over their properties. I drive myself crazy sometimes wanting people to get with it : )

28.09.2019 07:17

Yeah I too don't get it, it's so easy to plant trees, just start with saplings. We get saplings every year from the Arbor Day Foundation, which we are members, for a very small donation, you can get a dozen or more sent right to your door when it's time to plant. This year we are getting 12 white pines and 2 flowering lilacs.
Nice to hear from you @rossfletcher, have a fun day.

29.09.2019 17:40

We have a free service that will plant trees. landlords don't want it and many homeowners are too scared or too lazy to care for them. It's so lame. The most beautiful and "desireable" and expensive neighborhoods here have old tree lined streets that are gorgeous. Some people are so stupid it boggles the mind. Sorry... i get so disappointed by this...

30.09.2019 07:26

What beautiful green! I am fighting the squirrels and Stellar's jays for walnuts right now. I'm pretty sure they win every year, but I try anyway. I'm glad your peppers are still going. It's too cool and damp around here unless they're in a greenhouse.

27.09.2019 01:42

Good morning @goat-girlz, I think you just solved a big mystery for us when it comes to our walnuts being stolen. We thought that it was the squirrels, couldn't think of a bird that could carry off those tennis ball sized nuts. BAM !!
I saw last week what I said to @thebigsweed was a really BIG blue jay. Stellar's jay...going to look it up right now.
Thanks for stopping by, really enjoy our sharing, and of course I am in love with your goats

27.09.2019 13:27

I would have thought squirrels were the culprits too, but the cats have effectively run them all off the property. Also, the walnut trees are full of jays . I'm not sure how they get the shells open, though. They're not THAT big!

27.09.2019 14:29

That's what we have trouble figuring out, how can birds crack that hard cover, then the nut. @thebigsweed says it's the squirrels. Anyway, we hope to get some, I love to soak them in our homemade syrup to put on frozen yogurt, ice cream even pancakes.
Yum...have a wonderful day my friend @goat-girlz

29.09.2019 17:26

Lots of green, which should be turning to a rainbow of colors as the fall takes its hold on the landscape. Here is a sign of things to come.

27.09.2019 09:52

that was a fun day, remember us snapping a few lol

27.09.2019 13:28

Thanks so much

28.09.2019 01:00

Love it! How far upstate are you? (I lived in Westchester County for a couple of years in the late 90s. That was "upstate" to those in the City... But my friend in Poughkeepsie was "upstate" to me... but that's not really "upstate" in many other ways...)

30.09.2019 15:17

Hello there @vikingventures, we are in the southern tier in Chenango county. About a 40 min. drive to Binghamton. It's mostly dairy farms, big farms, few people. Just the way we like it. We are from north Jersey originally, Jersey was our home for most of our lives, we bought the farm some 40 years ago and just came up in summers and weekends while my children were young. Now it's our home since retirement, 3 years ago. It's truly a little slice of heaven.

30.09.2019 18:45

Definitely a slice of heaven then! I know there's a lot of great farmland in NY - just nowhere near the big City! (The only place I've completely refused to drive!)

30.09.2019 18:53