Sundays can be very special, they can be #beautifulsunday, with our host @ace108.
With the weather here in Upstate NY turning colder, we see our skating rink beginning to form.


The sun is shining through the forest highlighting all the wonderful colors of the last of autumn.


This particular #sublimesunday with our friend @cOff33a is a special day. Our oldest son, RAJ III, is visiting with us.
Our eldest is a small business owner, he builds custom cabinetry, furniture, designs and installs kitchens and bathrooms.
He can also build decks, lay custom wood floors, hang doors, build staircases and make hand rails. In fact, he just finished remodeling an entire house, a four month project that thrilled the homeowners.

Because our son is busy all the time, we do not get to see him as often as @thebigsweed and I would like.
So once he dropped his tool belt on this last project, he headed up to the #farm to spend some quality time with us.
Morning walks = time to talk. Father and son, a special relationship.


You know the saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Well that sure fits my family. Years ago when my son was
16, he and his father as well as our other two sons built this cabin on the homestead. This is one of four cabins that were built on the farm. Each of my four children have their own space and they love it!



Our farm is a symbol of love, love of nature, freedom, family. It's a place where we all can just be ourselves, stay up late, or sleep in. A place where comfy pants are the uniform. A place where we live together again under the same roof. The farm is the place where you stop in and just breathe, leave all life's stresses behind for awhile.
We provide medicine for our's called LAUGHTER.


Happy Sunday everyone! Have a wonderful week. Remember to just breathe, then laugh out loud.πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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Loved this post, especially about the 4 cabins on the farm. :))

02.12.2019 01:51

Good evening @goldenoakfarm.
The cabins are great to have especially when the whole family comes at once.
Seems every year we have new additions to our clan.
Thank you for keeping an eye on me, always enjoy the feedback.
Have a wonderful week.

02.12.2019 03:53

"A place where we live together again under the same roof." So many years have passed since then, and that is what make days like this so special.

Boy can that kid eat! He kind of reminds me of someone @farm-mom

02.12.2019 02:04

Gee I wonder who that someone is? What a lucky guy you are to have such a great chef in your kitchen.πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜

02.12.2019 03:47

Oh cool. I mean cold. I had my first experience skating on ice not long ago but don't think I'll get this natural experience.

02.12.2019 08:00

Good day to you @ace108, living in the northeastern part of the US, we grew up on skates, sleds, skis and toboggins. So much fun as kids, loved to hear the 6am fire alarm go off the morning after it snowed, that meant school was closed and it was time to bundle up and play for hours in the snow.

02.12.2019 17:57

We just had 9" of snow on Black Friday. Our corner keeps claiming victims - people who have more confidence in their vehicles than what's called for. In fact, a school bus slid off one of our streets this morning. Thankfully, it doesn't sound like anyone was hurt - just the nerves of driver, kids and parents! (I'm glad I home school!)

I miss having better seasons though - I don't mind the snow, but our fall was so short and not-so-sweet this year. I miss the colors of the Upper Midwest, and yes, even New York (we were only barely upstate in Westchester County)...

02.12.2019 18:31

owee, thanks so much, love new badges.

02.12.2019 23:11
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03.12.2019 10:31

Thanks for the shout out, so appreciated.

04.12.2019 15:54

Wow is the like icey? Beautiful autumn colours and it’s super cool everyone has their own little cabin - well not so little really !COFFEEA

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08.12.2019 11:22

Good morning @cOff33a, happy Sunday.
Yes autumn is gone, in with old man winter, started out with an artic blast and 16" of snow.
Enjoy your #sublimesunday. Going to try to get into it later today!

08.12.2019 16:49