The Dairy Game, Friday activities and Steem Promo. 10% to @steem-ghana

10% of this post goes to @steem-ghana

Greetings everyone, it’s yet another exciting moment in my Dairy. I will like to hereby take you through how my day went and ended with some steem promo activities.

Friday the 21st of May 2021 was a day feel with some few activities I did.

I didn’t wake up from bed early after saying my dawn prayers. This is because I was tired from a steem promo I embarked on a day before.

An hour to was when I woke up from bed, I had no choice than to day brunch because breakfast time had passed already.

I went to a nearby food joint to get some kenkey and fish as it is a good way to start your day with a heavy diet.


After taking my food, I had a walk with my elder sister @najsecret to get some eggs for her so she could start preparations for lunch.

After that, time for Jummah Prayers was almost reaching.

I started preparing my ironing my Jalab because that is what I will be wearing.


I was fully prepared for mosque so I set off to the mosque for my Jummah Prayers.


Took some selfies in the mosque

After mosque, I had a call from my sister to do some deliveries of her products to one of her customers at the town.



During my delivery period

After delivery service, my cousin called me to come a register her on steemit after we had a chat on WhatsApp.

I responded to her call by going to her campus with @rubilu123.

I introduced her to steemit and told her the necessary information.

She is with the username @safika




Time was far spent so we had to return to our various homes.

I returned and prayed then took my super.

My super

Thank you for your humble attention

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yh it was nice doing this with you brother.
hope to sign a lot of newbies in the coming days

21.05.2021 20:58


21.05.2021 22:53