Hello dear steemians,

I am sorry on the delay for the post on my Achievement 2 post. This is because I was kind of given some lectures and knowledge on steemit security tips by my able country rep @njaywan. But Thanks be to Allah I am here to be complete my task on achievement 2.

Question; Have you retrieve all your keys on steemit?

Yes, all my keys have being claimed on my keys on steemit. I have stored them on my Gmail account and starred them. By so doing I will be able to access them no matter where I find myself.

Question; Do you know each of these keys functions and restrictions?

Yes, I have a very good knowledge about the various keys and their respective functions and restrictions.

Let’s start with the Posting Key; this key allows accounts to post, edit, vote, comment, resteem, follow and mute other accounts. That is when you login with this key, all these processes are allowed. Its existence it also to restrict the damaging the account key would cause.

Active Key; the functions of this key is very delicate, it is used to transfer funds , power up/down transactions, voting for witness, converting of Steem Dollars, placing a market order and updating profile details and avatar.

Owner Key; this key is the most powerful key. This is because it can change any key of an account including the owner key. Its safe storage is meant to be put offline and only used to recover compromised account.

Memo Key; this is key is used for encrypting and decrypting memos when transferring funds.


How do you plan to keep your master password?

My master password has be stored or should I say saved in my Gmail account. It’s being save on Google drive too. I have also kept it in my personal computer.

Do you know how to transfer your Steem token to another steem user account?

Yes, this is done with some steps. I will highlight the steps below.

Step one; Left Click on the avatar icon to show a drop down menu.
Step two; Click on wallet.
Step three; Click on the arrow pointed down on steem.
Step Four; in the menu that appears, type the username of the account you are transferring the steem token to.
Step five; Click next, then confirm.

Below are screenshots to understand clearly.





Do you know how to power up your Steem?

Yes, powering up of Steem is also done with some series of steps which are listed below.

Step one; move to your profile
Step two; Click on Wallet
Step three; Click on the arrow pointed down on Steem.
Step four; Click on power up
Step five; Put the amount for the power up and click the Power Up to confirm.

Screenshots are below to throw more light.





I hope with my responses to the following question above , I can say I have a good knowledge on the basic security tip on Steemit.
Many Thanks to our hardworking Country Reps; @njaywan and @oppongk .

Thank you for reading.

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