My Beautiful Pets

Hell to all i hope you all are good and enjoying with good health.Today i am going to share some pictures of my pets.I love these pets very much because they are the source of Joy for me.I spend my free time with these pets and forget my all tensions.I Hope you all will like these pets and also appreciate my choice.

my parrots

first of all i am going to share some beautiful clicks of my beautiful parrots.These are the unique creature of God.They have different types some of these types can even speak human language.They have different colors with different shades.They are also available in different sizes as well.I have different types of parrots with different colors.

The pictures that i am sharing are my favorite parrots.These are the most beautiful parrots of the world.These are imported from different countries.In Pakistan they are very rare.therefore they are very expensive parrots but sometimes price is nothing against your hobby and Love.

They often like to eat seeds,beans,flowers etc.
Some types of these parrots also like to eat insects as well.They need too much care for growing and if necessary care is not given to them they can't even survive.They like to live in couples.They give eggs and after sometimes their child came from eggs.
Here are some clicks of their children.They look very cute and beautiful for me these are the beautiful creation of God.I Also suggest to all that you should have these kind of parrots in your home to enjoy the beautiful creature of the God.

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I love parrots

06.05.2021 05:35

Hell to all? Bhai sbko ramazan ma ap dua dain koi????

07.05.2021 23:47