Green Pakistan Day Celebration

Hello to all i hope you all are good and enjoying good health as well,today i am going to share some valuable moments of green Pakistan day celebration at my office.I hope you all will like and appreciate it.

Prime Minister (Imran Khan) Vision

I am very happy to tell you all that our Prime Minister Mr Imran khan is very much focused on plantation and he has started a billion tree campaign in Pakistan.All the world has recognized his efforts towards making this world clean and green.

Social Responsibility

It is our social responsibility to keep our surroundings neat and clean.If there are lot of trees around us as a result we will enjoy pulation free air.It will be a great source of oxygen that is very much important for our lives.

Askari Bank Participation

Askari bank is very much focused about neat ,clean and green Pakistan.Askari bank also participate in prime ministers campaign for billion tree and celebrated green day in the whole Pakistan.On this day all branches of the bank distribted plants and trees among its customers to spread the voice of green Pakistan.

At the end

It is our responsibility to make this world green for our next generation,for this purpose we should grow more and more trees around us.

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