Splinterlands Journal: Reviewing The Javelin Thrower

Splinterlands Journal: Reviewing The Javelin Thrower

I finally maxed out my Jav Thrower! Ended up buying a few on the market at the end because of impatience, you know how it goes...

But here are my thoughts on this awesome card.

1) Pairs extremely well with Prince Rennyn due to the +1 ranged attack
2) Given the effective lack of return fire, ranged attacks continue to assault foes almost unhindered.
3) The piercing attacks can soften up a follow-up melee or ranged blow
4) The JT's high speed allows it to effectively strike higher in the order which is ideal for any piercing attacker in terms of efficacy.
5) Its high speed also allows for effective rear guard defense. This is further emohasized by evade and a respectable 6 HP at max level.

Far from perfect given that it still remains vulnerable to some sneak attacking, at 5 mana the JT offers an impressive first strike attacker and rear guard defender that may prove to be quite versatile in most Earth Splinter team formations.

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