Next Colony: The Rise of Jack Steel Chapter 5, Page 1


The violent rains had finally calmed on Starbase Genesis1, and the cold winds were replaced by powerful rays of sunlight that pierced through the cotton white clouds. Jack Steel gazed through his aluminum alloy window out over the horizon. The Shield Generator needed only another day before it was completed, and Jack had volunteered to work on the Depot enhancements. Protecting resources, however, was not the only thing on his mind. The words of Commodore Curione, and the Chief Science Officer, kept him from sleeping at night. As the alien sun moved gracefully across the sky, a ray of light passed through the window caressing the photo of Jack's father, Admiral Oliver Steel. Jack's eyes couldn't help but follow the beam of illumination, as a heavy tear slid down his cheek. "Don't be angry with me Father, but I believe that I've made you a promise that I can no longer keep!"

Jack Steel was born in the totalitarian European Federation to a German father and an Italian mother; both of whom perished when he was only 3 years old during the pandemic that followed the nuclear war on Earth. Jack was fortunate to have spent very little time in the orphanage, due to the misfortune of Admiral Steel's wife becoming sterile from overexposure to the radioactive fallout. How ironic life can be! Little young Steel was an energetic child, which immediately captured the Admiral's attention. "This child will help us both get our minds off the war," Oliver told his overjoyed wife, "And I will keep him as far away as I possibly can from anything having to do with the military or politics! I promise you!"

Throughout life, Jack was given every opportunity available to explore his interests, but the omnipresent news of war and disease kept him wondering if there was a better life for him out in the stars. As much as Admiral Steel wanted to avoid his son falling into the hands of warmongers, the only way to the stars was through the military; and Oliver loved his son so much that he could not deny him the liberty to follow his passions.

Father, I want to volunteer for the Genesis Project with Captain Curione. I know you don't want me to have anything to do with the military, but there's nothing more important for me than getting the hell away from this dying and corrupt world.

  • Promise me that you'll never become an Officer son?! You can remain a volunteer, or work with the engineers or the science team. You have so much talent; don't waste it on war.

Of course I promise! Does this mean that you'll help me get on that ship?

  • Do I have a choice?

Not really! This is what I want; I hope you can understand.

  • Your mother and I knew that this day would come eventually. We've been prepared for years. Of course I'll help you, but I want to go to my grave in peace, so please maintain your promise.

Jack picked up the photo as he continued to hear the voice of his father pleading with him. More tears rolled down his face as the sun continued to fill the room with warmth and light. "Now that you are peacefully in your grave Father, maybe you can hear me. Know that I did maintain my promise, but the time has come for me to make an important decision, and it would be really great if I could continue to have your blessings, and your help, just like you've always done throughout my life." As he finished his last word, a tear fell onto the photo, landing under Admiral Steel's eye, giving the impression that Oliver was also crying. "I'll take that as a tear of joy Father. I know you well enough to know that you would never stop me from chasing my full potential. I need to do this! I can't explain why, but I need to do this!"

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