Next Colony: The Expansion Chapter 4, Page 11


Captain Davis, good evening. That look on your face tells me we have something serious to talk about; so let's get to the point, you know how I am.

  • I do indeed know how you are Commodore, so let's get to it. Reopen the Shipyard!

No Captain, there's no sense in doing so, unless you've somehow come up with some ingenious plan.

  • I haven't, but I'd like you to reason with me, if you're willing.

Of course, it's my duty to do so, especially with my next-in-command.

  • Excellent!... Computer, how many resources were lost in the most recent attack on Starbase Genesis1?

Coal: -259.327
Ore: -144.269
Copper: -123.889
Uranium: -32.7542

  • Commodore, what do you see in those figures?

Resources lost Captain, what else is there to see?

  • I see nearly 2 Corvettes!

And what are we supposed to do with 2 Corvettes?

  • Fight back!!!

You're being ridiculous!

  • And you're being stubborn Tino; you're letting your crew down!

Damnit David, how dare you play the friendship card! You're not here to play an amicable game of chess, or knock down a couple of beers while we reminisce on the old days at the academy. We have a long standing agreement, both as friends as well as commanders, to always respect our responsibilities as officers! I'm your Commodore, and you're the Captain of this Starbase; when we discuss issues pertaining to the crew, our friendship gets put to the side!

  • You're right Commodore, I'm sorry. Please forgive my frustration, but understand that this is also the frustration of the crew that I am expressing.

What do you mean?

  • Commodore, if I may speak freely, you can't just sit here and do nothing while we continue to be attacked and pirated in this way. The Shipyard workers, Mission Control officers and especially our Cadets, are sitting around day-in and day-out in their private quarters wondering what the hell the top command is doing to face this situation. And Bunkers and Shield Generators are not what they want to hear!

And you know this because...

  • Lieutenant Maxwell!

Lieutenant Maxwell?

  • Yes Commodore, he's still a hero to those young men, and even though he has risen greatly in rank, he still spends a lot of time with them. And morale is too low!

Okay, I can understand that, and I can respect that, but what are we going to do with ships that end up being destroyed?

  • Better to have destroyed ships, than to give the enemy free resources. Those resources that were taken away are now going to be used to build 2 Corvettes elsewhere. And by reopening the Shipyard, and Mission Control, you send a message to the crew that we're not just sitting here twiddling our thumbs, but rather that some plan is being created. Do you follow my reasoning Commodore?

Of course, Captain. And Lieutenant Maxwell, he feels the same way?

  • Absolutely! And so does the Lieutenant Commander, as well as Captain Dixon at Genesis2!

I see. You've been a busy man these days.

  • I'm a restless soul Commodore, especially in these kinds of circumstances.

Very well Captain, you have my authorization to reopen the Shipyard and Mission Control, but my standing order remains. First the Bunkers and Shield Generators, then you have permission to do as you feel is best for the colonies.

  • Thank you Commodore! You won't regret it! And I'll stop by later for those couple of beers, and to kick your ass in a nice game of chess!

Don't bet on it Captain! Dismissed!

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