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As Vice Admiral Johnathan Maxwell stared up at the three moons of Genesis7, he began to understand Jack Steel's admiration of the morning sun, and the meditative atmosphere that it created...


Those celestial bodies were such a great mystery; with the power of their massive size as they gracefully drifted through the dark seas of the blackness of space. Up there, somewhere among those moons, a Yamato7 was finally completing it's final stages of construction. Up there, somewhere beyond those moons, Johnathan's destiny awaited him. Shade by shade, the sky grew darker, and Mr. Maxwell's mind was transported to his nostalgic memories of when he flew his first Attack Missions on Genesis1. But mixed deeply within those fond memories, were also the oppressive images of the days of the Great Siege, and the consequences it brought to the Genesis Project. Suddenly, a voice from behind interrupted those fleeting thoughts, and brought the Vice Admiral back to reality...

  • Sir, the men are ready when you are.

Good. Is everyone here?

  • Yes, Sir!

Johnathan gave one last glance at those moons... "You haven't been forgotten! Nemesis is coming!" And with that, he turned around and walked towards the group of soldiers who silently awaited him.

Gentlemen, I greatly appreciate your presence. We've all known one another since the days when I was just a simple Cadet. If anyone wants to walk away from this mission, do so now. No hard feelings, nor retributions.

No one uttered a single word, and with stern faces of determination, an unspoken agreement to move forward was solidified.

Good! To the ships then!

All quickly, and silently dispersed towards the small Scout Sentries. It was late, and the Shipyard was now empty of staff, as all of the men on the present shift had now joined Mr. Maxwell. The small fleet made its way to the heavens, as the Vice Admiral lead everyone to the Mighty Yamato.


There she boys! We're landing on the north end. Follow me!

Most of the men had not yet seen the Yamato face to face, and were beyond impressed with its size and formidable presence. Everyone landed safely, and reunited with the rest of the men that were already on board. Johnathan spoken boldly to his crew.

Men, we've been waiting for this day for a long time. You all know what's a stake. These men who have accompanied me here were all given the chance to walk away. Those of you who are having second thoughts can feel free to grab a ship, and head back to the surface.

Again, nothing but silence and determination!

Good! I'm proud of you all. And I'm placing my trust in each and every one of you. From this moment on, you will no longer address me as Vice Admiral. From this moment on, you have among you once again... First Class!

The crowd erupted in a roaring chant, "FIRST CLASS!!! FIRST CLASS!!! FIRST CLASS!!!"

The engines fired up, and the Yamato took off!

Meanwhile, down on Genesis7...


Jack Steel slept heavily in the quiet of the night, unaware of the flashing lights in his room. The door chimed repeatedly, and from his slumber ordered whoever it was to come in. With blurred vision, he began to see the red security alarm silently blinking off and on. Jack jumped out of his bed to find the Chief walking towards him.

  • Mr. Steel, our Yamato is gone! And so is Vice Admiral Maxwell, along with some of our crew!

That's not possible! Am I dreaming?! What the hell do you mean our Yamato is gone?!

  • It's gone, Sir. And apparently, it was the Vice Admiral who took it.

I knew it, dammit! I knew it! I knew there was something not right about John! What the hell is he doing?!

  • We don't know, son! No one knows anything. All we know is that the Deploy Mission is heading for Genesis1.

Genesis1?! Has anyone contacted Commodore Curione?!

  • I'm afraid, Mr. Steel, that neither Genesis1 nor 2 is responding to our communications.

This means they're in on whatever the hell is going on here. Could this have anything to do with the mutiny? Perhaps the Commodore wants to take back the command of the Starfleet?

  • We're not sure, Sir. This was completely unexpected, and we have no way of knowing what their intentions are.

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit, John! I should have listened more carefully to my intuition!

  • And did what, Mr. Steel? Arrest him? You could not have seen this coming. Get yourself together, Sir, the Control Room awaits you!

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