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As Jack Steel boarded the Explorer I, he felt a sense of nervousness surge through his body. The last time he took a trip on one of these kinds of ships, he ended up with a concussion, discovered Genesis3 and suddenly became a Starfleet Captain! And all he wanted to do was have a look around the inside of an Explorer II! He could laugh about it now, but at the time it was a pure drama.

Things were different now; very different! This was mutiny! And there was nothing funny about it. As the ship launched, Jack fastened himself tightly into the seat. The idea to move Jack to Genesis5 on an Explorer I was the cautious work of Vice Admiral Johnathan Maxwell. No one would suspect anything, as for the moment, the entire Genesis Starfleet was mostly engaged in Explore Missions; and Genesis3 was almost completely surrounded by explored sectors of space. It's only logical that this Starbase would be solely committed to Deploy Missions. In this way, the whereabouts of Jack Steel would be shrouded in mystery, until Admiral Curione made his next move.

The turbulence of the stratosphere brought back memories of when Jack first arrived to this god forsaken Rare Ore Planet, full of violent storms that seem to go on forever. The Explorer I was much, much slower than the Explorer II, and in comparison, gave the impression of riding on the back of a turtle! Finally, however, the ship broke through the upper atmosphere and the bumpy ride had calmed. Jack unbuckled himself, and walked over to the window...


Would this be the last time Jack saw this inhospitable lump of ore? What awaited him on Genesis5? Would the Chief arrest him, and turn him over to Admiral Curione? Or would he continue to embrace Jack like a son? So many uneasy thoughts raced through the troubled man's mind, and heart. Being alone on this journey, however, gave Mr. Steel time to reflect and plan. No need to worry too much, for what has been done, could not be undone. Forward was the only way to go, and former Chief Science Officer Brady would be of great help... if he decided to support Jack's decision!

As the Explorer I approached Genesis5, Jack lit up with joy at the familiar site of a Common Atmosphere Planet...


Genesis5 seemed like a clone of Genesis1, where Jack had his beginning experiences as an Officer within the Genesis Project. How strange life can be! How ironic! "Not so long ago," Jack thought, "I was just a simple volunteer on an identical planet; and now look at me, in the middle of a galactic turmoil." As the ship descended, Jack's nervousness returned stronger than before. Stakes were high, and this was indeed a gamble! Would the Chief help, or hinder, the movement?!!!

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