My best day of last week Friday 14th May 2021

Hello steemians good evening am very excited to share with y’all my adventures experience on Friday last week with my friends in Douala .
I had travelled Thursday night so I arrived Douala Friday morning though very tired I was anxious and excited cus my friend had promised we'll visit the sea side so I could eat crabs and shrimps for my first time
I had my bath and got dressed at about 11:20am
We boarded a taxi from where we were (bonaberi )
To Base navel

When we got to the place it was all populated with Muslims I don’t know if it was because of Ramadan because everywhere was occupied my these people of all age groups Children adults .

Excited as I was I took a few pictures beside the shore and moved to the site where we could get something to eat

On this other section around the shore we have something like a small market where they sell raw fresh fish crabs (though I didn’t see ) shrimps and other sea food . Customers buy and take to another section where it is roasted
Unfortunately for me I didn’t get to see the crabs I was longing for soo I chosed cray fish and fish which we then took to the ladies who roast

663A171F-8BCE-4FF4-A1C8-06FB5F71930D.pngwhile waiting for the food to get ready we sat by the sea shore watching the amazing sea water waves with soo much amusement
Then after we checked the food was ready we ate and left
Wat a wonderful day
A lot of people like myself didn’t know there’s an adventurous site as such in Douala the place is lovely and worth visiting
Do and thank me in the future

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It's really a great adventure and a worthy visit to cos you enjoy sea breeze and you eat fresh cray fish not dry one

19.05.2021 19:55