TrustedHealth - A patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem


A patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem



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TrustedHealth is a blockchain based A patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem. With the help of blockchain technolog it create a holistic network in health care.


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07.07.2019 15:29

Innovative use of blockchain to solve or improve healthcare procedures. With TrustedHealth, doctors and patients can collaborate and make sure that health data is secure and available when it is needed.

07.07.2019 19:11

Health is wealth. A project where doctors and patients can connect goodly is a good project that will help save the world from any ailment..

07.07.2019 20:23

An ecosystem like this is fantastic because it puts at hand all that is necessary so that the experience at the moment of needing health services is as accessible and comfortable as possible, sometimes in those moments this helps a lot, since in emergencies the relatives of patients sometimes do not have serenity or patience to solve everything that this ecosystem facilitates.

07.07.2019 20:32

Awesome One!
It is helpful to bring real adoption of Blockchain technology in our daily life. So, Many people got to know about this revolutionary technology that will brings more transparency and a good relationship between Doctor and Patient.
Thank You and Have a GooD DaY!

08.07.2019 01:13

Again you have proved how important our blockchain health ecosystem and the sweet that you put in us, it is truly commendable. Technology certainly has taken us a lot, what does your ecosystem mean to thank you for such a nice hunting

08.07.2019 02:20

Health is very important and this is wonderful use of blockchain in health industry. I have gone through the details of it and seen than it is quite popular in media like Cointelegraph and Bitcoin magazine has already featured it in their coverage. blockchain implementation of and issuance of the Health Token will make it very much helpful for people. Great Hunt.

08.07.2019 02:47

There's a saying that "Health is wealth" and to protect this wealth we should care for ourself. I see that Health industry os going through a nice transformation and implementation of blockchain will make it even better. This is very nice.

08.07.2019 03:13

Not the first of it's kind but is still great. I love how blockchain technology is used for such purposes. Having a comfortable and effective way of addressing a patients need is really worthy of having such acknowledgement. Nice hunt!

08.07.2019 03:56

Interesting find. Life is nothing without health. Blockchain technology going very fast day by day and also helps us in many field of our life and gives you a opportunity to spend your become more easy. This technology now helps to the patients. Doctors and patients discuss patients problems very easily and solve it. Fabulous hunt.

08.07.2019 05:47

holistic network in health care on blockchain sure a great idea. If you are getting patient and doctor-centric ecosystem then what else you need cool hunt well done

08.07.2019 10:33

Health is wealth, that's the only thing i understood from your description and comments. And blockchain. So directly made and curated by God for mankind.

08.07.2019 10:36

Hi, greetings,

A great blockchain platform for patient and doctors. The ideology of this application is quite unique though I must appreciate good work keep it up have a nice day

08.07.2019 10:50

WONDERFUL! Now health blockchain comes into form because it was must be needed to get adopted as soon as possible. It becomes super easy now otherwise we need to go for a doctor with lots of hustle. It would be a great help to store data securely.

Nice Hunting!

08.07.2019 12:00

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

The entry of Blockchain in the Medical industry is really a good news and we really needed such platforms for making a transparent eco-system.

But still I want to know how the system gonna work... Is it like Patient communicate with the doctor through this platform??

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

08.07.2019 12:23

Implementation of blockchain is indeed a much needed system. It will make record making secure and easier to access when required. A sigh of relief for patient and doctors and it will improve health facility and record keeping. Nice hunt

08.07.2019 12:29

It's great to see how the Blockchain is being adopted and in good projects . While have seen few projects medical related in Sh and this sure is one of the nice one. Cool Hunt .

08.07.2019 13:10

Great Hunt! This is a great step that this ecosystem is based on blockchain to make a bridge between doctor and patient to interact with each other. However, most of the field is moving towards the blockchain that makes it more better and trusty

08.07.2019 13:37

A good one to pay attention on your health. Blockchain technology introduce another bet doctor patient relationship building

08.07.2019 13:39

It will be very useful for us to create a health book using Blockchain technology. It ensures that your results and your report are always safe and not lost when you go to a place different from where you live and where you do medical examinations.

08.07.2019 14:17

Blockchain is proving its worth in every aspect of life. The application of blockchain in the field of health care is really amazing as it solves so many problems and loop holes.

08.07.2019 14:24

Its good to see blockchain technology also being used in the healthcare profession, nice hunt!

08.07.2019 14:30

I love Blockchain technology and it is spreading everywhere and getting increase day by day. Blockchain technology is also come in the health system to make it better than before, great idea.
I appreciate your effort.

08.07.2019 14:31

Anything that has to do with health is important right now. With emergence of new diseases and sickness almost all the time, we need all the help we can get especially with the immutability of the Blockchain network.

08.07.2019 14:51


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