My home made Desi Rice; Gur Walay Chawal.

Hello Everyone:

Today I am going to write this for you people. Hopyfully you people will enjoy and read the post till the last.
Everyone has the right to live their life as he/she wants to live. In this age of chaos and anxiety, stress and depression, we all are stuck to somewhere not to live freely or enjoy the way what we demand. I have a lot of hobbies in my daily check list , which by early morning I start to do and that is what I repeated every morning. I am all happy to share my whole day working schdeule with you the most lovable ones to me. Of course, the more one is going to spread love, harmony, peace and happiness the more it will be returning us in term of all what we , indeed want.

In order to move further, this is my first blog here in this community of the food loving diaspora. I hope that all of the participants in this room have had gone through the cooking experience once in a life time. Dear SteemFoodiains I have a lot of questions in my mind, which I want to share and get some positive response from you. What I am going to ask?
Yes, of course, I am going to ask about the recipies and the taste one is putting while serving someone close to heart to eat. The second question which I may through to your box of thinking and expecting a relevant feedback that, hopefully, be made straight from your side of view.

Cooking at home is an unimaginable feeling, so that is why I usually along with my family mates tries something new in cooking and all that. Today I made a spicy dish of desi chawal. Owing to the nature of taste and color, let me give some permission to share the feeling what I feel at that time. In fact I use nothing special just a normal way of adding few ingredients and the result was outstanding.

Furthermore, today there are many online forums and blogs that are dedicated to the provision of recipes. They are more general in nature and are numerous too. Different people from all walk of life share recipes, how to eat the food, and what it goes well with on their pages. It is mostly for people who want to explore new cuisine, different menu items or cooking novices.

After all, I always try to follow the desi look of taste of food what we plan to place on our dinning table. Gur Walay Chawal is traditional Punjabi Pakistani dessert. This dish requires desi ingredients like boiled rice, Jaggery, green cardamoms, Desi ghee, currants, coconut, almonds, fennel seeds, and water. Apart from the nuts, rice, gur, and ghee are the major ingredients. The inclusion of the nuts in the recipe of Gur Walay Chawal gives it a perfect desi flavor. This is served as a perfect sweet dish/ dessert at weddings in Punjab. Gur Walay Chawal is even served after dinners at family dawat. Adults and children equally love this dish. Those who don’t know how to make it can try making Gur Walay Chawal at home with the assistance of the aforementioned recipe.

Last but the not the least, I would like a response, do comment, vote up me and if possible Resteem this post with other Steemians. Getting feedback is an essential part of becoming a better human in every walk of life. I believe seeking feedback shows one is intellectually curious and active.


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