What to do in order not to smell garlic from the mouth

After digesting food, the sulfur compounds that are in garlic will enter the lungs, and the smell will come out along with breathing for a long time to come.
This is very unpleasant for himself and for others, but there are ways that allow you to quickly get rid of the smell of garlic from the mouth.

It turns out that the smell of garlic removes apples well, many experiments have been conducted.

The experiment was repeated several times, and every time after eating apples, the smell disappeared very quickly. It turned out that even though there are not as many phenols in apples as they seem, they are enough to neutralize the sulfur compounds of garlic.
Also, the smell of garlic is well managed: mushrooms, basil, lettuce, chicory, celery, potatoes, parsley and mint leaves.
But it turned out that ordinary mint contains the most phenols, and therefore it works best on eliminating the garlic odor. Moreover, mint does not just interrupt the smell of garlic, as many might think, but it eliminates it chemically!
IMPORTANT!!! Apples and mint need to be eaten raw, and not as part of some cooked dishes! Charlotte will not ride! Heat treatment kills and destroys chemicals that neutralize the smell of garlic.

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