The most expensive 8 things you can buy with bitcoin (BTC) in 2020

Bitcoin more than 10 years ago.

This cryptocurrency began slowly as a way to free the general public from the restrictions imposed by central financial systems.

It proves that over time there is already an alternative to banknotes.

As its popularity continues to advance across various industries, crypto enthusiasts learn that with Bitcoin they can buy all sorts of things to buy and not just the usual things.

On this topic we will learn about:

The most expensive 8 things you can buy with bitcoin (btc) in 2020
1- Tesla Model X Wheels Package:
After purchasing a Tesla you can invest and buy some of its wheels, which come in different shapes and models.

The Tesla Model X Wheel is one of the most expensive things you can buy with bitcoin.

The package consists of Pirelli Scorpion Tires and a full set of Turbine Wheels available for $ 0.91 Bitcoin or $ 6,800.

2- Diamond and Gold:
There is a saying that girls ’best friend is diamond.

However, men can also invest in it and diversify their investment portfolio.

If you want to make some changes to your current portfolio, you may want to consider gold and diamond bars from REEDS Jewelry.

REEDS was the first jewelry company worldwide to accept Bitcoin payments.

The company also provides its users with the ability to transport and ship products with a value exceeding 25 thousand dollars or more.

Any item available in their stores or their web portal can be purchased using coins or bitcoins.

3- Renting a yacht:
Still looking for things to buy with bitcoin?

If you have a lot of bitcoin you can rent a yacht and start seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

In the past, ships used cash transactions only for navigation.

However, with the passage of time it is now possible to rent a dream yacht through bitcoin.

Where Yacht Base allows its customers to rent yachts for one-way trips to destinations such as Italy, the Caribbean, Greece and Croatia.

Weekly rental rates range from 0.13 BTC to 2.85 BTC or from $ 1,000 to $ 21,200.

4- Rolex watch:
Rolex is one of the things that can be bought with bitcoin.

Actually time is very precious as it does not wait for anyone in the crypto space, and time is actually money in this world.

Given the importance of time, you can look at the price of trading bitcoin at one time was at 19 thousand dollars and at another time it was at 4 thousand dollars.

Overstock knows the true value of bitcoin, accepting BTC payments for the famous and precious Rolex watches.

5- Gucci coat:
You can combine elegance and warmth in this winter season.

FarFetch offers acceptance of payment in cryptocurrency.

You can get a stylish buffalo leather coat and a Gucci embroidered suede coat.

These bright red floral embroidery will add aesthetic appeal to the look of the wearers of this coat.

The Gucci coat we're talking about is available for 1 bitcoin or $ 7500.


6- Alienware Gaming Computer:
This list is varied and contains many products that cater to different tastes from fashion lovers to travel lovers without forgetting fans of games and leading technologies.

The Newegg store provided bitcoin acceptance for many products that fall into the electronics division in general.

Among them is Alienware computers that have already made some cool personal computers over the past few years.

Alienware PC comes with fast processing speeds, and it's also available for 1 bitcoin, or about $ 7,400

7- Tickets to attend Golden State Warriors matches:
If you are a fan of NBA basketball and matches, Golden State Warriors will provide match tickets for bitcoin.

Tickets to attend games this season are available at 1 bitcoin, or $ 7,611.

8- Renting a room in a luxury resort:
If you are looking for resorts that accept bitcoin payments, you will find that there are many options to choose from according to your preferences.

In New York, for example: You can stay at the Trump hotel because it accepts bitcoin payments.

Another alternative is to head to the Bahamas, Austria, Mexico or Australia that have many resorts that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

In the latter these products mentioned in the above list are not the only and exclusive among many other valuable and expensive products where there are also space trips, and the purchase of rare art pieces for bitcoin.

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