Report: Central digital currency trading platforms hold more than 1.9 million bitcoin (BTC)

Central digital currency trading platforms are one of the most important parties present in the crypto industry.

According to one of the photos published by the start-up Bituniverse, which is developing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and developing a trading bot, there are more than 1.9 million bitcoins held by the central digital exchange platforms.

There is $ 13.9 billion worth of bitcoin stored in trading platforms:
On January 3 of this year, the crypto community supported the idea of ​​verifying private keys to cryptocurrencies deposited in cryptocurrency trading platforms after the Crypto investor “Trace Meyer” started this initiative.

As January 3 2020 approaches, it appears that many holders of cryptocurrencies do not appreciate the importance of having their own keys.

The picture from the application "Bituniverse" this week indicates that there are 1.9 million BTC ($ 13.9 billion) currently stored in the most popular crypto trading platform in the world.

The credit rating feature is not yet available on the Bituniverse app.

According to the ranking list, Queen Pais maintains 966.23 thousand Bitcoin units, equivalent to $ 7.1 billion.

While Bitmex maintains about 265.14 thousand Bitcoin units equivalent to $ 1.9 billion.

The list also includes a number of popular crypto trading platforms such as: Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Kraken and Poloniex.

According to Bituniverse's latest tweet, other trading platforms like Binance, Huobi Global and Okex will also be listed.

Note that trading platforms do not provide official data for the ETBR list prepared by "Bituniverse", where trading balances are independently tracked by the mechanism "Peckshield" and "Etherscan".

Bituniverse says it wouldn't have been able to make “[ETBR] without the help of“ Peckshield ”

After an ETBR listing image from Bituniverse appeared, “Trace Meyer” commented as follows:

More than 1.925 million bitcoins are supposed to be held in Coinbase, Bitmex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex, Coincheck and Poloniex waiting to be lost like many other currencies have been ahead of.

Have you tried to withdraw bitcoin from it recently?

Crypto lovers discussed the topic of crypto trading platforms and the amount of their Bitcoin holdings.

A Reddit stick created a post titled:

“Queen Pais owns 966.23 thousand bitcoins, and the Bitmex platform owns 265.14 thousand bitcoins.”

To interact with the word “own” and who actually owns these currencies, others have asked whether they belong to the platforms or the users who deposited them there.

While many of them went on to say that they are the owners of digital currency trading platforms, as they are the ones who own the keys to these currencies and can transfer or hide them without the possibility of doing anything from the real owners.

"You don't own the keys to your currencies, so you don't have your currencies."
The information in the ETBR listing is not the first time that crypto trading platforms have been scanned and how many cryptocurrencies they have.

Seven months ago, “” published a report analyzing the market, which classified crypto trading platforms using balances derived from blockchain data.

Similar to ETBR-based Bitcoin BTC Value List, Viewbase searched storage portfolios using Ethereum Blockchain and analyzed their Ethereum Stocks.

They choose ETH as it is the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of value, and usually takes up a lot of trading volume as well.

The statement of the report stated:

“We rated the trading platforms by the amount of Ethereum deposited in the private platform portfolios and compared them to their trading volume.

In the report, it was noted that the Kraken and Binance platforms are the largest ETH holders with balances in excess of 5.4 million Ethereum, or about $ 796 million.

Despite the fact that millions of ETH and BTC currencies are still held in crypto trading platforms, “Trace Meyer” and many others celebrate the “Proof of Keys” day that falls on January 3 of each year, which encourages people to control In their financial assets instead of depositing them in trading platforms.

On January 3, the slogan “You do not own the keys to your currencies, so you do not own your currencies” is raised.

It is a way to restore monetary sovereignty over property and claim cryptocurrencies by not allowing cryptocurrency trading platforms to manage them on behalf of their owners.

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