Beauty Of My Area || 1st Week Contest || participate 3

Hello as you know which studio it has been in and I have come with you guys with my new post and I hope you will like this post very much I hope you like this post It would be great. Alhamdulillah I went to my friend's nursery farm today and it was very beautiful and there were such plants.


After that I not only reached now. The name of this nursery farm was Labik or Rasoolullah. This nursery farm was very beautiful. Praise be to Allah. So I thought I would share this picture with your friends and hopefully. I hope you like these pictures.


This nursery farm is headed by Tariq Ansari. After that I looked ahead and there were all kinds of plants that looked very beautiful. I was very happy to see this and every flowers here The plants were big.


Then my eyes fell on the flowers and I was very happy to see that there were all kinds of flowers here and they were very beautiful. I got to see flowers of all colors here. These flowers were of many kinds. Flowering plants were visible. I was very happy to see.


Then I looked ahead and there was a Pink tree which was very beautiful with flowers on it and I was very happy to see it and thank God you all will be fine and I I hope you like my post very much and thank goodness you will find another new post Cumming soon.

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Wow wonderful
Your area is so beautiful
I like to see it

08.05.2021 17:56

Hello Assalam-o-Alaikum Thank you very much.

09.05.2021 01:32