The Diary Game | 25 Dec. 2020 | Arduino Project | 100% Up

Hi dear steemians hope you are all well. So today I'm submitting my diary game content participation.
I bought new Arduino and some useful sensors which i will attach below in this post. I bought it to do practical work in IOT and to learn how Arduino work and the basic programming.
As you know Arduino is a smart circuit board for all the experiment in electronic to control signals and many types of sensors can attachable to it. Here is the Arduino UNO picture

Arduino UNO R3 Model



Ultra Sonic Sensor

Can be attachable to the Arduino and can be use for many purpose in ultra sonic usage.


Card Reader Adapter

This adapter is used to attach memory card with the Arduino it self by connecting it with the Arduino board.

Bluetooth Adapter

This adapter is very useful for remotely controlling the Arduino


Wifi Adapter

here is the wifi adapter that is attachable to the Arduino which is very useful to remotely controlling from a long distance.

Sound Detection System

It useful for the sound commands and actions
Here all the sensors, adapters with Auduino


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It is nice informative diary about board.. I am thinking to buy one good system for gaming and i want to get your experience in it.what system is best in reasonable price for gaming that give access to play multi lattest pc game..

26.12.2020 08:55

Yes off course! Processor must be not lower than core i5 3570 clst round about 7000, Minimum Ram 8 GB count will be 4000, SSD 256 gb or 128 GB for window installation cost of 5000 or 2500 , 1TB hdd cost about 3500, casing price will be 1000-1500 and a antech power supply of 600 or 650 watt. A gaming mouse cost of 1000-4000 a simple or gaming keyboard cost 400-1500, a mouse pad cost 100-300 a gaming headphone cost 3000 to 5000, if you want to stream then you need a webcam. A LCD display unit of 1080p resolution and last a wifi adapter

26.12.2020 10:44

And most important a graphic card for smooth gaming experience i recommend RX 570 4gb or 8gb higher RX 580 or 590

26.12.2020 10:51