How I know about Steemit first time in 2017 | Video Talk | Contest Participation

HI steemit family, hope you are all well by the blessing of God. As you know a contest is running of the story of how you come to know about the steemit platform. I record a video for it and it's an interesting story and I listed out all the things that happened to steemit from 2017 till now. In this description I think there are not enough words to meet the requirement but as I talk in the video about my story so it's hard to define my words in the text. Hope you enjoy it. Bundle of thanks to @belenguerra. She is running this contest. Thanks to all community. Love to all ❤.

Thanks for the support

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22.12.2020 11:27

Thank you my friend!

23.12.2020 13:20

thank you dear for taking participate in this contest through so you talk was really amazing thank dear best of luck

24.12.2020 08:35

Thank you for participating in the Steemit Nursery Community contest!

You have been voted by @belenguerra, as a member of the Steem Greeters team STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator account @steemcurator03 to support newcomers who enter Steemit.

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Have a nice day!

27.12.2020 04:30