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When it comes to entertainment, popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Quora… all use gimmicks that keep the user wishing for the next dose of dopamine, that is, if User A likes cars, the algorithm recommends car videos, not video about stuff him don't like.

It's just a strategy of giving the best user experience possible, so making you want to go back to the site is a vicious cycle that adds nothing new to the user, but creates value for the site, who have the attention of people can sell your product and who sells are those who stay alive in the market as competitive as entertainment.

Games also use a similar strategy, create people's desire for victory, recognition (in-game)… Even if the user has defeats in a game, he will continue to play until he can prove he is good enough to win…

When a product fails to deliver a user-friendly experience, the tendency is to lose the user base, meaning it becomes a flawed product… This is exactly why steemit keeps falling steadily, the lack of a user-friendly experience. , ie a 'UI' problem.

And you steemier, agree? Disagree? Leave your opinion below.

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29.11.2019 17:48