This tree looks unusual right?

When he grows up, maybe everyone will think he won't be able to last long in the Clamped and Abnormal Condition _

However, this tree has survived and is able to prove that it can bear fruit
Well, friends ...
what's behind that tree?
Whose power is there?

Yes, it is the power of Allah that is able to make the tree live and bear fruit.
Then, how about the story about you who might be in a pinch?

Have you endured to the best of your ability?

or give up losing and your dreams just evaporate?
We who have dreams
It's our part to decide whether to forget or make it happen

I am sure my friends here will be full of enthusiasm to pursue their dreams

With the permission of God, all of our efforts will produce maximum results. All enthusiasm.
spirit to be better.
The spirit of receiving miracles from God.

Best Regards @faidom

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Thanks for your welcome and support. Have a great day. 😊

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