Campfire Takes Love

"I don't care what will happen next. The bitterness of two years ago has to pay off this year. Let them also feel what we used to feel." The high note sounded in Arin's ear so clearly. Curiosity made him glance and peek about what was happening. is being discussed by a senior brother who is barred from one school.

Saturday afternoon will be held at SMAN 1 Cimalaka. This event was a warm welcome for the tenth grade and also as a closing ceremony which just finished implementing MPLS a month ago. In addition, this event is also one of the scout extracurricular programs every year. The tenth grade students are indeed very required to take part in scout activities.

Hearing this announcement, it was not unfamiliar to Arin, because he was used to listening to his monthly stories about scouting activities. What will be faced and what kind of activities will take place later. Bundanya Arin is one of the best scout activists in West Java Banten.


The sun is so bright, as if it supports Arin's enthusiastic mood to follow the Persami. He has prepared several equipment and requirements in advance. He did not want this event to be a memorable moment.

"Bun, I'm saying goodbye. I was afraid to be late, at 3 pm I should be at school. I don't want it if I become the target of that proud pradana brother! ”

"Yes dear, be careful on the road," he said.

Going to school was not escorted by brother or father. Because one of the requirements that must be obeyed is walking a minimum distance of 100 meters to school. Finally Arin decided to take an angkot and get off at the planned distance.

The weight of carrying many requirements made Arin exhausted. The right hand carrying a sack containing red bricks and the left hand sack containing five sticks of firewood.

"Ayoooo hurry up ayooo !!! The opening ceremony will start soon in five minutes. Soon gather in the field. I am counting down right now. Five, four, three, two, one!"

White man, short hair, sharp nose, small height is a pradana which will soon expire because of the twelfth grade. Arrogance makes Arin hate since he first entered this school.

Who does not know Andri? Almost in all the extracurricular he is active. Not to mention that he is a well-known senior who can take the attention of the principal, which is why every work program in scouting must be approved by the school. But not with Arin who still hates him.

"Heh, why are you still there? Hurry up and get in line!" his index finger was pointing towards the bespectacled girl. Anxiety rumbles in the chest.

"Yes bro." Arin bowed his head. As a new kid, there is only fear that haunts.
He immediately ran to his line. It doesn't matter if he's in the right or wrong line.

The opening ceremony for Persami began. This opening went smoothly. On the sidelines of this ceremony, the man suddenly advanced, his gesture seemed to indicate that he had something to say.

"Ask for your attention for a while. As instructed by the Trustees, I will introduce myself here. My name is Andri Marta Sudirja, class XII IPA 2. My younger siblings can greet me with the nickname 'Kak Andri', I am Pradana. Thank Now, please help the brothers to disperse and prepare for the Asr prayer in congregation "

All participants disbanded themselves and did what the pradana had instructed. The chairman swerved the universe.

"Rin, that's really cool, Sis Andri. Great to be able to represent the school in scouting events. I heard that last time I went to Sumatra, I forgot the name of the event," Resti said enthusiastically about Andri.

"No, it's normal in my opinion," Arin said flatly.

"Really, yeah? Watch out, the ordinary will become extraordinary" teased Resti not wanting to lose.

The mosque is one of the usual resting places when fatigue comes. Just started already tired, what if later at night.

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