Baby goot

I hope all will be well and have a good life Healthy and fit
Today I will tell you about one of my lovely goats

She gave birth to a very cute and beautiful healthy baby who laughs and plays with me all day and stays with me. I love playing with her. It stays up all day, we don't tie it, it stays open and it stays up all day, sometimes it's four feet, sometimes it says


We named it because it does mischief all day
They learn to walk in a matter of hours, but the human children sitting here are not able to walk for years.

In this picture you can see that he is drinking his mother's milk. He is hungry again and again.



She loves to look at her picture in the mirror and she looks in the mirror for many hours
The newcomer has learned to walk and it is very hard. She runs around all day. She can never sit still.


In this picture you can see that I am playing with him and I have been sitting with him like this all day.
This post is very close to my heart because it is my dearest goat and it stays with me often I hope you like this post of mine you will love it a lot



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God bless you all.
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So beautiful you pet thanks for sharing your post with us @faheemking

29.03.2021 17:25

Your post is very creative it like your post very much

30.03.2021 03:13