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[CR] Watercolor practices pt.2

Hello again! I know these drawings aren’t as popular as my other pieces but I want to share these practices I made in watercolors. These are after my first batch watching @shibasaki ’s tutorials.

I made first something quite simple and then advanced to drawing food, because, who doesn’t like food? 😋
I show here in order: a cherry, a plant, Easter eggs, a hamburger, hot dog and French fried potatos.

By the way, the system this page uses for crop images in going to cause me a pain attack, sometimes it’s so awful. I don’t know how to get rid of it. You can’t change the ratio because it resets the order and the previous crops :/ result: all photos cropped awful; my apologizes for that.

Please let me know which of these you like it most! Or if I need to improve in some technique or something related to the paint.

Thank you for watching 😺


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