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Did somebody say…? | Archdruid gaming contest, Gaming Decades: The 2000's

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Anaria shola everybody, how is everything?

This is my participation for the Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 2000's

source: @Archdruid

I’m going to take literally these words for my entry.

The post does not need to be about a game review or a video of actual gameplay!
You can do fanart, or fanfic, or commentary piece about a game's soundtrack, or a cosplay of a character from a game that was released in the 2000s, or photography post with your collection of oldie-but-goodie games, ... you get the idea, right? MASH THEM ALL UP IN ONE POST!!!

If you are someone who have been following my blog for a while, you should deduce I dedicate to Warcraft an important amount of fan art. coughelvescough

In consequence, it is not a secret I dedicate a lot of my time to its evolution, World of Warcraft. I actually have been playing this game for a long time, not as long as a veteran, but yeah, long time than a normal game can take (more than 200+ hours).
╭───────╯ °✧° ╰───────╮

I actually don’t know what to write or what to tell to make this a proper entry for this contest. So, I’ll relate my time in WoW and why it is important for me, from my eyes, how is seen from my perspective, as a player and as a person. How do I entered, what was engage for me, my in real life problems; so, please be aware because this should be a HUGE LONG POST. Consider also, WoW have more than 10 years, only the game.

╰───────╮ °✧° ╭───────╯

Let’s begin.


World of Warcafft (WoW)

nly mentioning that name makes my heart beats again. WoW has been a really important piece in my life. It has bring me so much joy, fun, I have met wonderful people through this game (in game and out of it) and also it has given me grief and sad moments, not only the game and its quest lines and environments, also for frustrations, rage attacks (very typical in PvP) and toughs problems in real life. This game has root on me in many levels, being my main source of inspiration for my art in many occasions.

I’m going to relate my WoW experiences and adventures from the day I joined the officials servers. Despite I know WoW from the Burning Crusade expansions; it was through pirates servers that didn’t go to anywhere. I barely explored something and the bugs didn't let me know the story nor anything.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

During this expansion I was introduced to this game. It was a birthday gift which gave me access to all the expansions until this one. I was invited by at that moment friend, today, boyfriend; perhaps he only wanted the X-53 double mount reward for the “recruit a friend” program, but thanks to him I entered the officials servers.

At the different of what is nowadays, my first character was an undead priest! during the first steps of my travel I got help from my recruiter and some friends who played with my boyfriend at that time. When they weren’t in Deathwing’s Spine raid, they were with me fooling around and helping me to understand the game, the drop system, auction house and other stuffs.

They helped me to get my first flying mount, the reins of the bronze drake, my golden derpy draco.
I’m the one at the top left

When you’re new to something, everything is so magical. From these days, WoW became to me my happy place to exist and passing by.


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

"Why do we fight? To protect Home and Family, to preserve Balance and bring harmony. For my kind, the true question is: What is worth fighting for..."

Mists of Pandaria is by far my favorite expansion. The environment, the stories, the zones, all in Pandaria is so beautiful and detailed to the point you can feel the love in each pixel, in each story, even in the characters. When I hear the original sound track it makes me cry of joy, I REALLY love Mists of Pandaria.

I loved all the pandas and beers and wise proverbs sharing and everything.
Some Pandaren sketches I made around 2012-2014

At this point of the game I was having problems in my university with my grades and my school programs. I used this game as a refuge from my problems. By day I was the ordinary failure university student but at night, I became the hero these panda people needed. I really felt engaged with MoP, with its quest line to discover new places and help these foreign people to avoid the war the horde and the alliance brought to their land without the locals request it. It was touching and joyful, I enjoyed my moments in Pandaria and Azeroth at this time so much, it was truly an escape of my ordinary life.
Compilation of alliance character drawings

I get more expertise with my character and started to make raid and dungeons by myself. I remember I went to Siege of Orgrimmar in Heoric and got my legendary cape! It was my first legendary in the game, I was so happy!
I was a DPS priest

I also bought this pendant in a random store, I feel proud about this! It is the orc horde logo. I use it when I need confidence.


World of Wacraft: Warlord of Draenor

”WE WILL NEVER BE SLAVES… but we will be conquerors!”

The infamous Warlords of Draenor; so much hype and so many expectations for what is for most of the players the worst WoW expansion. I actually don’t care about that so much, I enjoyed WoD. Despite all the crap, I didn’t stop playing.

I continued raiding and making dungeons by myself and sometimes with my friends, the few of them who kept playing 😆 it was fun after all. Of course, the solitary garrison wasn’t that fun to be honest but, oh well, I couldn’t did anything about that.
In this expansion I changed my undead priest for my most know blood elves I use nowadays. Due to this change I got a massive artistic burst. I made A LOT of sketches of my character and designs for their outfits and names, personalities, conceptual ideas, body drawings, stories, etc. It was like my elves were the fountain of my inspirations, they become my muses.
Compilation of sketches of my character Helios including body design and facial expressions
Compilation of sketches of my character Scion, showing some personality traits, colors and possible last names

I remember these drawings with sweetness because these are my first sketches of my beloved characters. They aren’t good or polished, they are actually very crappy, but they were the first ones.

WoD went good for me, artistically.
Compilation of more sketches and colored pieces of old drawings
I started making paintings, these are of Scion. One for Hallow’s end event and another for a more normal outfit test

Please ignore my lack of skills

What is better than playing with the husbando?
Just look at them, aren’t they handsome? I love my bois ❤️❤️


World of Wacraft: Legion

”Azeroth must not fall.”

When I say WoW is an important part of my life, it is because it had affected me negatively in my real life too.
Beginning Legion, I met an individual who turned my life upside down. He turned my precious refuge place I loved so much for many years into a nightmare. He made so much damage to my life and to my social circle, I passed through difficult moments with my boyfriend due to that individual and life itself became so overwhelming (my depression returned). I was so confused and didn't find peace anywhere (it was bad in real life, it was bad in my game, fml). It were rough times. I won’t go any further with this topic because that person doesn’t deserve more attention. I just remember him as a stupid asshole who taken advantage of people.

I met a friend who helped me to overcome this situation. WoW can be so diverse with their players. This new person was a tear cloth for me, he heard me and helped me as much as he could. He was so important for me. I gifted him a portrait.
he has a lot of character for RP or fool around; Dominatra is just one of them

He introduced me to the role-play universe as a spare time activity and it opened a whole new world for me. My inspiration returned and thanks to the introduction of the Demon Hunters I found again the motivation I lost.
Hadett and Amei
I love guys with horns, I can’t help myself. Hadett (male demon hunter) has been my model for many years. He still is.

Following the roleplay suggestion given by my friend, I wrote a little story about my mage Minala and my DH Hadett being happy with a family and surround by cute stuffs in general. These drawings describe that story. I decide to keep it in as an Alternative Universe because my boyfriend didn’t like the idea that much; but I love it. This ghay story makes me cry of joy nnnnggggh insert meme cat criying
Demon Hunters story normally is full of sacrifices and suffering. I found joy in turning some destruction into something sweet and cute.

When legion was ending, it happened to me one of the best things this game has given me, a guild! Changing myself to another server was one of the best decisions I ever took. I found real friends to play with and to spend time to play together and complete dungeon and raids. The night raids days became my most favorite moments so far. We were so bad but always laughing and doing our best to beat the boss.
We made achievement as a raid! This mount was only obtainable through raid achievement, and we did it!

I made my best to become a better player; I passed the Mage tower challenge which at that moment, was the most difficult thing to do. For me, it was the equivalent to get the legendary cape in Pandaria, a feat of strength. I felt good with myself.

I made so many drawings during Legion; here are other paintings and sketches I still like.
Faelinara and her baby pet (Luz) are characters that I made up some stories too.
I made these when I finished the Death Knight class hall


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

BfA hasn't finished yet so I won’t talk about it so much. I think I have had talked enough in other the other sections too. 😳

But again, art isn’t missing.

Scion comes back with a new armor and a new artwork. I love Dazar’alor, the soundtrack is so epic at the Golden Seal.

I made this painting fan art for the new Lor'themar in game model, I mean, look at him. His face is sculpted by the angels itself... I love you Lor'themar.

Pero si es todo un papucho.


Of course, all of this without mentioning the annual events each year is celebrated in WoW. These events are a variation of the general war and heroism environment that the central line usually offers, it is perfect for a switch in the role-play, or mini vacations for your characters.

Hallow’s end

Black cats, pumpkins, candies, witches and demons, it is basically the Halloween WoW version.

Winter’s veil

Can you hear the Winter’s veil song? It is beautiful and touching.


When you hunt for chocolate eggs, there is a chance to be transform into a noble garden bunny.

Dia de los muertos (day of the dead)

Katrina’s make up, dead bread, flowers and fighting outfits. Some things you can find during this event.

I’m still missing other events but I don’t have drawings done for those events. that gives me some ideas of what to draw next.

During my time in WoW I have done almost everything it has to offer; all kind of quest lines, collecting stuffs (clothes, mounts, pets, achievements) PvP (I particularly dislike this one), grind reputation, and I believe I still have so much to see , to explore and to discover.

World of Warcraft is a huge game. If you are those kind of people who likes games which seems almost infinite, this one is for you. There is so much to be done and to collect that you will always find something to do, to go, or whatever. You can even become the new rich man of Azeroth if you want, saving insanely amount of gold because YOLO. There is always something to do; the hardest part is to not get overwhelmed.

WoW has definitively an important part of my heart; I always try to remember the good moments and what makes me happy about this game to keep playing it. It is cool to clean dungeons and solo raids and all things badass people do, but, when you share this game with true friends, it becomes automatically better.



Well, that was a long and a crazy ride to my memories, geez.
What can I say I haven’t told above, I hope you have the patience to read all, or, at least watch the drawings; I think that is better option.

But in case you actually have read all, Thank you, seriously.

I hope my entry qualify for the contest. It took me some days to build up this; it moved my memories watching my screenies and searching my old drawings.

See you later, Al diel Shala.

💬Spanish blog:

WoW belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. Most of the photos I used are my screenshots. Any photo that doesn’t have a “source” tag below, is my elaboration (screenshot or drawing). The drawings were made by me and belongs to @Faffy (FailyKam)


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