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Chicken curry or red cooking is a typical Acehnese dish that tastes spicy and savory with thick sauce. This dish is usually served as a special dish at special events such as Makmeugang, the tradition of cooking meat before the month of Ramadhan, Idul Fitri, thanksgiving or wedding events, and so on.


White meat dishes are also a favorite dish covered in ground spices and roasted coconut. This white meat dish is very rich in spices and contains nutrients that are good for health.


The pliek u sauce is one of the typical curry dishes from Aceh which has the basic ingredients of the dregs of old coconut oil that has been through the process of squeezing the oil or pliek u.


Pepes is processing food ingredients with the help of banana leaves to wrap fish / shrimp along with the seasonings. Spices and spices are mashed and added with basil leaves, tomatoes and chilies wrapped / wrapped with cleaned shrimp. All then wrapped in banana leaves and pinned with 2 small bamboo at each end. This package is then burned (dipepes) over a fire or coals of charcoal until it dries.



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