Swimming with Sharks - Lightpainting Cardboard

Evening all and I hope the weekend has been good to you.

One of my favourite things to lightpaint is cardboard cut outs. You can make something from your wildest dreams come alive on the camera screen. The real challenge for me is to create something believable, working on the lighting and scale to achieve what I'm looking for.

I first drew the shark out on black cardboard and cut it out with a craft knife. Then I layered clear plastic sheeting on a frame and stuck the shark onto it.

The effect I was really keen to replicate was shafts of light as if the sun is finding it's way to the murky depths. I managed to achieve this with a lightpainting brushes light blade moved in a circular motion and a weak torch covered in a blue gel shone directly behind the shark. Many attempts later and this was my favourite.

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Enjoy the week ahead folks and as always cheers for reading to the end.

Happy days :)

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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19.01.2020 22:08

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19.01.2020 22:09

I remember this picture very well. It inspired me to try it with my son and his toy shark as well. Thanks for the nice memory.

19.01.2020 22:54

This came out beautifully mate. The el is a very nice touch.

20.01.2020 07:46