Sun Goddess - Lightpainting photography through a plastic sheet.

I took two versions of this and I liked the overall effect from the other one but the fireball edged this one into the top spot.

All the usual suspects on display here shot during a single long exposure in complete darkness.

Camera rotation, zoom pulling, black and clear fibers and a pop of flash from high above the camera to illuminate the front of Lauren. I have a very understanding girlfriend.

I'd like to say I'll leave this shot alone for a while but I just love the diffused light effects.

Tripod 1 pointing at the plastic sheet with Lauren stood behind it. Tripod 2 pointing at the fiber optics for the zoom pulled power burst.

I fired the shutter on tripod 1 and lit Lauren from above with the beauty dish then I painted all around her with the fiber optics. She then stood back and I created the orange fireball with a twisting motion in the middle of her hands. I then replaced the lens cap and went to tripod 2.
From here I removed the lens cap and zoom pulled the fibers, replaced the lens cap and rotated the camera before repeating the process.

If you'd like to see more light painting on Steemit then give @lightpaintershub "Lightpainters United" a follow and you'll be introduced into the world of light painting.

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Superb work mate!

14.01.2020 13:55

Cheers big buddy.

14.01.2020 17:30