Tidy night out with my mate Paul, Chris T, Stephen E and Andy M in a tunnel I've been aware of for some time but not got round to getting in. Thanks to Stephen for showing us the way and what an awesome daytime lightpainting spot this is. Cheers mate.
Whilst the others we're doing their thing Paul and I re-traced our steps back to this ventilation shaft and took a few shots. Then returned to the group only for this idea to pop in my head.
Tripod and lens swap action from 50 mm for the outer silhouette back-lit with a pop of Yongnuo 560iv on full power. Cap on, Lens swap to the Tokina @11mm pre-set to F7.1 and onto the other tripod. Vape blown in the air and 7 seconds of exposure of Paul beneath the shaft.

Mono conversion in Lightroom and shot during a single long exposure.

Happy days.

Cheers folks and looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Thank you.

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Cool B&W picture. Check out the contests here at Steemit. Often portrait & Landscape. Good chance for U to get more recognition. ;-)

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Cheers mate. Still finding my way around but I'll have a look.

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