Simply Overflowing - Long Exposure Landscape Photography

Something a little different from me this evening with some Landscape photography.

This is the thing I love about doing a photo-a-day project. It forces me into other areas of photography other than my beloved lightpainting. The projects are super hard work but so rewarding come the end of the onto the image above.

I was sat on the couch debating whether or not to go out on this particular evening. I'd decided not to, but then a man came on Countryfile (UK TV programme) speaking of a sad turn of events in his life.

He was a passionate wildlife photographer who had sadly been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. He wasn't sure how long he had left on this earth, doing what he loved and said he never procrastinates anymore. This was all I needed to hear so I packed up my camera gear and off I went.

This is a spillway at the bottom end of Torside reservoir in the Peak District, shot using my Samyang 50mm and an XC Source 10 stop filter which continues to astonish me for £10. I shot this subject last year but with a wider lens and decided it would look cool zoomed in, on its own @ 50mm.

The sun was illuminating the underside of the broken clouds above a glorious golden and peach colour, which was reflecting on the surface and I knew with a longer exposure time the water would turn to glass.

I'm going to try and continue the ethos of doing today what I could put off till tomorrow 'cause you never know what's round the corner.

There will be more Landscape stuff dotted around my posts from now on and I hope the story above resonates with some of you.

Here is another version on the same visit, just after the clouds had vanished and the blue sky above reflected off the water.

Thanks for reading to the end and enjoy the weekend people.

Happy days :)

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Comments 4

So surreal!

17.01.2020 19:46

It's a proper cool structure. Something you don't see every day.

20.01.2020 22:32

Smooth as a mirror ! Just stunning

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17.01.2020 23:02

Cheers mate. The water is about 20 odd foot lower than here at the mo so no repeat shot for a while :)

20.01.2020 22:32