Lightpainting the Welsh Valleys - LP mini-breaks

Every year for the past few years a few of the UK based light painters meet up in North Wales. There has been about five or six of them now and these images came from my favourite adventure.

We all pitch up our tents in Llanberis and make our base there. We always pick the same spot as it provides beautiful views over to Dinorwic slate quarry and Snowdon. I love it there. It's nice and central for many interesting spots and only a short drive to Anglesey. I can't wait for the weather to improve and get one arranged as we always have the best time.

The photo above was created at Llyn Padarn and the lonely tree there. Kim brought her box of costumes and her friend Natasha who likes to model in return for gin and smokes. It was a full moon on this evening and there wasn't a breath of wind. The moon lit the scene and I lit Natasha with a beauty dish from just outside the frame. Kim then placed her torch behind Natasha's hand and turned it on and off for the starburst.

Here are a few more shots from the same visit and some more of the amazing places we shot nearby.

Last shot taken on Sunday morning. Once the moon had dipped below the trees at Llyn Padarn we headed up to Dolbadarn castle. Phill whipped was drone out and provided some extra light. I'm super keen on the effect from this angle of lighting.

A superb end to a superb couple of days away.
Cheers to Phill for providing the beautiful light on this one.

I took myself off to a tunnel by the ammo Dump on Saturday morning. I made the mistake of having a coffee on the way in. I only lasted an hour then had to return to base to drop the kids off at the pool. Bad times.

One from Dali's hole looking out into the Milky way from a trip there last year. I think this is my first Milky way shot which is surprising as I generally shoot at night. To be fair coming from Manchester it's not really surprising at all.

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Happy days.

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Cool, the shot with the tree is rather nice. I need to make an effort to get on the next one, I drove through Snowdonia at work a week ago or so and it was amazing and only 3 hours drive...

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02.02.2020 11:02

It's such an amazing time mate. You'd love it and Snowdonia is just stunning.

02.02.2020 11:16

Wow great photos!!

02.02.2020 11:18

Cheers mate. It's always great getting out in the dark waving lights about :)

02.02.2020 11:20

Beautiful photos. I had not come across Lightpainting before .

Are there any other UK lightpainters on Steem?

I'm over in west Wales.

02.02.2020 11:18

Thanks very much. Yes there are a few and our numbers are growing. You are lucky living there I love Wales. Many a happy childhood memory from my summer holidays there. You'll find the other lightpainters on Steem in lightpaintershub :)

02.02.2020 11:22

Following now to learn more, thank you.

02.02.2020 11:24

Awesome Location. Awesome Pictures!

02.02.2020 11:30

Cheers mate. You'd love it over there :)

02.02.2020 12:37

I've spent some time around there. Beautiful landscape when it's not raining ;)

02.02.2020 12:49

It's my favourite place to be. Dinorwic I could shoot forever and not get bored. Amazing part of the world.

02.02.2020 13:39

Ha ha I remember the coffee incident well, I think we couldn’t work our where you’d gone for about 20 mins, superb set and the main one is just stunning

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03.02.2020 13:07

Cheers dude. A proper team effort. Actually most of them in Wales are eh? Can't wait for the next installment:)

03.02.2020 18:48