Lighting Up The Darkness



Hello one and all and here is my first post here on Steemit. I hope you like it.

I am a light painting photographer and artist from the UK and like to create shots like this using various tools and the magic of Light Painting.

I've been exploring the darkness for a fair few years now, working out how to light it up in such a way to twist reality and create beauty using light and my imagination.

For this image I used a tool which allows me to rotate my camera around the axis of the lens during a long exposure. In front of the camera I placed a leaf which I found lying on the ground. I clamped it in a light stand and lit it from behind with a flashlight. I started the exposure and removed the lens cap for 2 seconds then replaced it, rotated the camera 40 degrees and repeated further 8 times. Next I panned my camera off to one side and repeated the process before panning in the opposite direction and going again.

I next changed the lens on my camera (without ending the exposure) and asked my friend Tei to take up position in the tunnel. I removed the lens cap and walked behind him with a pair of net curtains and another flashlight covered in an orange gel. (Normal Saturday night behavior right?)

I waved the net curtain around behind him following the motion with the orange light to create his silhouette and the cool fiery effect.

I perform minor adjustments in Lightroom to contrast and other levels then applied a crop but never any photoshop.

That's the magic of lightpainting; taking a blank canvas (the darkness) and creating a whole other universe and capturing a moment which essentially never happened.

I hope you enjoyed this write up and fingers crossed I haven't bewildered you or worse still bored you to death.

Thanks for reading and catch you again soon.

Happy Days.

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Welcome to the steemworld! Looking forward to see more of your work here. 100% Upvote!

07.01.2020 07:41

Cheers mate. I'll get the hang of this soon for sure :)

07.01.2020 12:43

Epicness right here mate, and superb delivered as always

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07.01.2020 07:57

Cheers. Same goes to you pal.

07.01.2020 12:43

Welcome to Steemit. And I love this outstanding artwork.

07.01.2020 15:21

Cheers mate. Good to be here.

07.01.2020 17:33

Welcome to steemit @fadetoblack.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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08.01.2020 21:02

Cheers buddy. My fave from my more recent stuff.

08.01.2020 22:14