Fire in the hold - Light Painting Photography


Good evening everyone and thank goodness it's Friday. This weeks been a toughie but now it's time to unwind with the family and maybe squeeze in some more light therapy :)

@martbarras very kindly sent me a pcb in the mail a while back and quite possibly the coolest one I now own. Cheers again mate.

I found it yesterday and it was on my mind all day for a spot of light painting for this evenings shot.

Here I used my Pentacon 50mm f1.8 vintage lens which I got for free :) mounted on my macro rings. Great for getting the best detail out of these boards.

I balanced the pcb on 2 boxes, allowing me access to the back side with a torch to bring out the green colour. Then I lit it from top and bottom with the lightpainting brushes new colour filters. Red from the bottom and blue from the top. I then replaced the lens cap and moved the camera onto tripod number 2. This was pointing at my phone screen which I had blanked off with 4 strips of black card. I had already set this part up so that the image of my silhouette fell in the dark area which I purposely left in shadow from tripod 1.
Shot during a single, lens capped long exposure in the darkness (and warmth) of my kitchen.

If you'd like to see more light painting on Steemit then give @lightpaintershub "Lightpainters United" a follow and you'll be introduced into the world of light painting.

Happy days.

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