Dome Repetition - Lightpainting Creativity

Afternoon Steemworld and I hope all is well.

One from a while back which didn't go exactly to plan, I wanted the domes to diminish to centre frame but my alignment was slightly out. I still love it after all this time and I'll need to revisit this type of lightpainting again soon as it ticks all my boxes.

Midweek meetup a while back in a great big tunnel on the Monsal trail which is perfect for this kind of thing as its flat and quite long.

Exposed the fractal which I had created on my phone from the tablet screen after noting focus for the first dome. Exposed the tablet for less than a second replaced the lens cap.

Next up I span away with the dome tool whilst @fastchris span the camera. 24 domes span in all, with two steps back in between and 24 rotations of the camera for each dome.

I have removed the leds from the dome tool for another project but I feel the need to replace them with some fancy addressable ones soon.

Shot during a single lens capped long exposure in complete darkness.

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Happy days.

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Ahhhh.... I think a got an ootical orgasm.

28.01.2020 15:32

Haha. That'll do for me buddy.

28.01.2020 17:24

Cool, we need to do a nostialgic dome!

28.01.2020 20:23

My dome tool is sadly no more pal.

31.01.2020 14:56