Cut and Paste - Lightpainting Cardboard Cutouts

Happy Saturday Steem people and I hope all is well.

Ever since I discovered lightpainting I have been a big fan of cardboard cutouts. You can create another universe from the comfort of your kitchen and I just love the creative possibilities.

Firstly I'll come up with an idea and work through what elements I want to add. Next up I'll draw out the elements on black card and cut them out with a craft knife. Ensuring I leave little tabs which allow me to tape them into position. I put a couple of chairs on my dining table and use the legs as fixing points to compose the shot.

For this one I drew out the silhouette of a man walking into the distance and taped him to the chair leg. Next I took a piece of A4 black card and tore it in half and stuck a piece on either side of him with a gap left in the middle.

I envisaged the shot as if the person was walking into another world or some kind of epic event. I achieve the dramatic orange glow effect using vapour from my ecigarette blown into the air. I back light the scene with a torch gelled orange and let that expose for a while. Next I take the black fibers, again with an orange gel attached and wave them slowly around behind the figure for the fiery effect.

Here are some more of my shots created using cardboard and light. I hope you enjoy them and any questions feel free to fire them my way.

Thanks for looking folks and I hope this might inspire you to have a try at these yourself.

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Happy days.

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08.02.2020 19:22

Fantastic photography and yes I am inspired to try this myself!

08.02.2020 19:31

That's great to hear and I look forward to seeing what you create. Cheers mate.

08.02.2020 19:36