Battlefield to open beta rumored to start in late June?

Battlefield 6 to reportedly be named Battlefield 2042, open beta rumored to start in late June.


Battlefield 6's existence may have been the worst kept secret of 2021. With a series of leaks popping up over the past couple of months, not only was Battlefield's reveal ruined by a low-quality trailer leak, but it seems that the game's title has also been leaked.

The rumored moniker for Electronic Arts' latest entry to the franchise is "Battlefield 2042."


The game's title will be Battlefield 2042. It will take place after the events of Battlefield 4

Attachments System: Two attachments on the character that players can swap out.SQUAD & Heroes Mechanic from Battlefront 2 (Called 'Professionals' in 2042): You can have a specialist (professional) per class in your squad.

They are not over-powered, but they have a gadget or two that will make them worth playing. Medic professional has a healing dart, she can heal people from range.

Every squad has the ability to call down (Spawn down) vehicles, primarily jeeps & ATVsMAPS & Gamemode information: The maps are the biggest in Battlefield history and will supposedly support 128v128 servers.

June 15th is apparently a private testing session for big content creators & streamers. Open Alpha/Beta later this month.
In terms of the beta, it is speculated that the next Battlefield will get the typical EA treatment, where prominent influencers and celebrities will get to play the game behind closed doors.


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