[My Story] An Unforgettable Experience When Going To Takengon, Finding Money Worth 5 Million


Take our example. This incident really happened. One time the four of us wanted to go to Takengon. Suddenly on the way we found an envelope. I still remember very well, this incident we experienced in 2012.

So, money contains 5 million Rupiah. The envelope is in the folder, in the folder there is a letter. There is information, there is identity. We believe this belongs to someone.

5 million Rupiah, for children our age, the value is extraordinary. Moreover, we were students at that time. But because of ethics and awareness, we do what we have to do.

We called the radio, we told you that we found money in an envelope worth 5 million Rupiah.

This money is in the name of blah ... blah ... blah. The address is complete.

And what a welcome from the announcers.

"This is great, young people, honest." said the announcer.

We finally gave a message to the radio announcer.

"Please play a song for the poor father."

So, we still take the money 😂

But at least the father is entertained, because there is a song.

That's a form of donation from us 😁

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