fall of the crypto ecosystem

This day the cryptocurrency ecosystem has fallen (the first 100) drastically from 1.64% to 30.79%, at the time of writing, which leads to new lows so far this year for some currencies and which translates into significant losses for cryptocurrency holders.

(imagin of the coinmarketcap.com)

During the year 2019, bitcoin and the crypto market in general have had corrections with pronounced price drops, bringing the value of bitcoin below USD 5,000. ... These corrections sustained over time may or may not be due to the ecosystem in general, my article mainly deals with how the market can be affected by the indiscriminate buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, it is well known that the price given to bitcoin is established due to supply and demand, initially this system was in its "healthy" period since the established price was just as much as for the seller as for The buyer, however, over time these negotiations were conducted on exchange platforms.

With the appearance of these platforms, it cannot be denied that the price of cryptosystem was benefited since it always remained upward, however being fully centralized, it was decided to integrate automated exchange systems in which the seller and the Buyer performed (and performs) operations at convenience, unfortunately always in favor of the buyer (and the exchange house of course)

So these operations have defined in our times the price of bitcoin and the ecosystem in general, whether or not the fair price is ... whether or not the price at which the community wants for the cryptocurrency ... why?
because it is the greedy and advantageous buyers who define it .. it can be a person (whale) or a group of people or an exchange platform who define the price, convenient or not convenient.

That is why I show that no more bulls vs bears that directly affect cryptocurrency owners, especially smallholders and not exchange houses or buyers.

although sometimes we play both roles. It is more important to defend those who sell their cryptocurrencies than those who buy by making an increasingly low offer, without scruples and without measuring the consequences in the entire ecosystem

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