The key to being successful in business and in life is one of the things that most people look for. Success means knowing what you want and succeeding in achieving it.

Some people consider business and life to be two separate things. In fact success in business and life support each other or go hand in hand.

Some people believe that success is influenced by luck. It is true that we cannot control luck directly. So we shouldn't think too much. It is better if we focus our resources on something else.

The most effective way to achieve something is to imitate someone who has already achieved it. In this article we will learn from 8 successful world-class entrepreneurs. We will find out what is the key to their success in business and in life.

These are the 8 successful entrepreneurs:

- Li Ka Shing, the richest person in Hong Kong.

- Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group which controls more than 400 companies.

- Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and currently the richest person in the world.

- Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft company and is the second richest person in the world.

- Warren Buffett, most famous stock investor and is the third richest person in the world.

- Steve Jobs, founder of the Apple company that produces the iPhone.

- Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba group and is the richest person in China.

- Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and is the fifth richest person in the world at 34 years old.

The data listed above is current at the time of writing, January 2021.

Among the keys to being successful in business and the lives of these 8 successful entrepreneurs, there are 5 keys where they all agree on the same thing. If we also study other successful entrepreneurs, they will likely agree on the same.

In this article, these 5 keys to success will be presented using a general perspective so that everyone can learn. Here are the 5 keys to success.



A goal or goal is the main requirement for success. If it is not clear, then we will walk without direction, not knowing where success is.

The goals we want to achieve in business are usually aligned with and support the big goals or dreams in our life.

One of the most important things is commitment. Instill this mindset in ourselves, "Whatever happens, I will continue to walk towards this goal until it is achieved."

There's no need to worry if we don't know how at the moment. Everyone must experience the same thing. Therefore, we will use the second key to success.



Now we want to find a way to achieve our goals. We are looking for people who have achieved our goals, at least they have also walked towards the goals we want.

Learn how they strategy and what things they do.

According to Jack Ma, we shouldn't just learn from the success of others. We must also be able to learn from their failures or mistakes. That way, we don't have to repeat the same mistakes. We can reach our goals faster.

In addition, we also have to regularly fill our brains with the latest knowledge or information. From here we can find other ways that can accelerate our success.

We can also find a business coach or mentor to help us. After a business check-up, they will understand how our business is doing and then help us in the right direction. Our learning process will be much more effective.



Many people give up at the beginning, or even haven't started, when they want to get something done. Because the size of this is so large, motivation is lost immediately.

In overcoming this problem, we must be smart in planning. List what we need to do. Then break it into small pieces to make it look easy to work with.

This is a way to keep us motivated. Give yourself a reward for successfully completing a few sections.

For example, you can eat chocolate candy after completing 3 small tasks, then you can watch a movie if you successfully complete 10 tasks in one day.



It doesn't make sense for a big goal to be achieved in such a short time. If you can, that means the goal is too small for us.

With this in mind, we will not easily give up when we experience a failure. Know that behind every failure, there is another open path that leads to our big dreams.

We also shouldn't be too afraid of mistakes. Just do it! Do not let us not do something for fear of being wrong.

More people regret not doing something than doing it wrong.



With clear goals and plans, accompanied by high perseverance, it is only a matter of counting the time to achieve our goals.

Is it enough with the 4 keys to success above? It turns out that there is one other thing that is often forgotten by many people, namely contribution.

Back to the discussion about luck that cannot be controlled directly. According to the 8 successful entrepreneurs above, this luck was influenced by one thing, although not directly, namely from giving.

Think about what benefits we can give to others, and give as much as possible. Starting from the closest people in our life; parents, spouses, children, siblings, relatives, close friends, and then everyone else.

We often hear this principle as give and take. Give and then take, not the other way around yes. We must give first, then we will receive something.

These entrepreneurs believe that the more good things we give to this world, the world will return even better to us. Is this what we often consider "luck"?

So here are the 5 keys to success in business and the lives of the 8 successful entrepreneurs above. As discussed in point 5, you can benefit the people in your life by sharing this article with them right now.

Best wishes and Always GO BIG !!!


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