getting started! im Fabo.

So like... how do I start? lol

Guess Imma be doing sum tweet style publishing until I get the hang of this...

...or maybe not :0

That's me :) I designed that shirt :$

I don't have any idea of who's gonna read this, (sorry if u stumbled upon this disastrous ramble of conjoined half-ideas) but my goal is to keep a sort of record on the things I do, following my many, many, many interests.

As the lifelong procrastinator that I am, thought it would be a good idea to not just provide myself with context, by tracking my progress, but also. It'd be useful to redact in other than my native language (Spanish). Once I read on Instagram (lol get ready for that valuable knowledge) that Vision without execution is Hallucination. So by procrastinator I really mean that I spent a lot of my early age 'hallucinating'. While having this, oh so broad scope of possibilities,. Before that I rejected what was going on in my life: going to Lawschool, working for close to no incentive, doing the bare minimum or less. while feeling useless and energy drained all the time.

I started jumping into so many different projects that I'd abandon in a couple of weeks or days, thinking that understanding the concept of the thing was as good as being able to do the thing or to actually doing it. But between all that I just wasn't t finding what I'd really like to do while in fact doing nothing.

I broke that cycle during the Global Covid-19 outbreak. I spent about 2-3 months by myself with all my musical instruments, my computer with pendant projects and desire of being in shape and working out. But maintaining this idea that I had all the time in the world so why do it now?

That thought kept me in my personalized Dantean Circle of hell. I was free all the time but I couldn't relax because I had so many things on my mind, but couldn't take action on my desires. My dopamine levels were at all time high, every day all day. I wouldn't stop checking my phone, on Netlix, drinking or eating sugar. It was insane, looking back I was quite insane myself cause it was no different than before the quarantine, just with no boring tasks.

One day I couldn't take it anymore, started looking for more relevant content, cancelled my Netflix account, YouTube only, tedtalks, educative videos, guided meditations. And little by little I found ways of tricking my mind into getting hands-on with stuff, via meditation (that helped a lot with workout motivation and changing my perception of things and my roll in them) and classic positive conditioning. so that if I did something id get some time doing some other high dopamine releasing activity.

All this was maybe like 4 months ago.

I have never been and could never be a creature of habit, that just makes me insane, the idea of an everyday life, repeating tasks that don't actually teach me something, or having that same routine as if I were in Groundhog Day. simply no. but still some structure or consistency is needed if you're driven to accomplish or create something. so there were this two things going at it in my head.

Decided to start my day meditating, that didn't last long. but still do it once a day or strive for that. it keeps me cool. trying not to consume sugar or high level dopamine release activities before doing that what is needed of me or my instinct tells me to pursue(no plan just do) and try to keep annotations of what I learn. staying hydrated and well fed. and just trying to fix the little things about me like tiny conducts, starting small so then I can go for bigger things and have and impecable discipline. Also within the content I was now consuming, this guy GaryVee. he talks some really good stuff on how to be patient and take life like a process. imma add some links that changed my mindset

But yeah, sorry for that long introduction.

I have 3 projects currently in which I do everything on, like everything

my soon to be up cycling clothing brand

electronic engineering learning and also musical project

my BODYWEIGHT workout routines

also I love photography but my account is private lol

im gonna be posting things I do about them.




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