Visiting temples in Bangkok!


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Hey! You are in Bangkok! Where are you?
Are you here a few more days?

I should buy you lunch at least!
Hope you are having a good time!

11.11.2019 09:59

Already leaving tonight!

11.11.2019 15:36

Oh! No! You did not tell me in advance!
I am taking two friends from Finland on tour of Bangkok for four and a half days!!
We walked so much we are falling to bits!! The legs are like jelly now!!

Lucky you! If you came along,you will be complaining like crazy!

I hope you would let me know in advance before you came to Bangkok next time so that I could ask you to bring me some dark chocolate and opera cake! Hahaha!!

Hope to see you one day!
Have a nice trip home.

11.11.2019 15:54

Nice spiritual place!
Recharge your batteries and have a fun:)

11.11.2019 10:47

Very interesting traditions, that is why I love to travel and see different cultures.

11.11.2019 10:56

I bet they are gorgeous

11.11.2019 13:03

very nice photography you have great day

11.11.2019 13:06