The Science Of The Natural And Artificial Satellite

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Today, I will be enlightening us on the different kinds of satellites as differentiated by its origin and works. It's a mostly used term but most of the public(masses) that are living in most rural areas; finds it difficult to distinguish or say accurately what a satellite is or what origin,works or other vital aspect of it. In a layman's understanding, a satellite only means - dish cables such as ; Dstv, Gotv, strong and other Antenna or video oriented gadgets.
In the course of this work, I tried to illustrate more on the word "satellite", so let's get to the main business here. Do not mind me as I always use business terms because, as an economist you know what is takes to be productive.
I would like to trace the origin of satellite from both sides, stating the different types of satellites we have. Below are the types of satellites; 1.Artificial satellites and
2.Natural satellite.
My trace of its origin would start with the artificial satellite. In history, the Newton's cannonball was the first mathematical analysis that shows the positivity and possibility of satellite; as it entails and describes the artificial satellite. Meanwhile,a further research was carried out by Isaac Newton, to describe the necessity of the movement of the natural satellites. In his work on philosophiƦ Naturalis Principia mathematica in the year 1687; proves the motion of the natural satellites. In the year 1903, another great researcher went into exploring the space. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in his first academic treatise, uses jet propulsion equipment to launch a spacecraft. In his research, he calculated the speed of the orbit necessary for a specific orbit.
Definition of Satellite
Just as I mentioned above, I would define the term satellite in two different types.
First, I would give a definition of satellite based on its artificial origin.
And secondly,I will define it from its natural view.

Natural Defnition of Satellite: in the natural definition of a satellite, it means a body of a smaller orbit or a body of a bigger/ larger orbit which functions by itself; depending on its purpose,for instance, the Earth's orbit- moon etc.
Artificial satellites: an artificial satellite is an or a man-made equipment designed and situated above the earth or orbit on a celestial body for the purpose of even transformation of ideas as well as information, for example: communication satellite,weather satellites spacecraft, space telescope etc.
Basic Vitals of a Satellite
The various importance of a satellite are listed under the basis of the vitals of the artificial satellite. The vitals includes;
-Importance in our lives and
-Importance in terms of expression communication.
Importance of Satellite To Life
The importance of satellites to life goes a long way to describe how it affects lives. Satellite allows us to know the various weather and climate conditions through the use of satellite helps us to check or monitor the Earth from above and this stands to be the vital role of a satellite when it comes to it's importance in life.
Importance of Satellite In Communication
Through satellites, communication purposes are met. Satellites passes easy signals around the orbit and earth. So to this extent, it makes room for far distance communication in a widely differentiated geographical location of the Earth surface. Satellites in the orbit uses microwave frequencies to drop signals to radios and televisions cables.
Other uses of Satellite includes;

  1. Detection of underground mineral resources.
  2. It allows you to monitor your business anywhere,anytime, through the use of CCTV cameras.
  3. It promotes global telecommunication.
  4. It sees the whole world or all the whole earth at a time.
  5. It is a very fast, reliable and larger data collectible medium.
    Major Disadvantages/Demerits of an artificial satellite communication
    Anything that comes with some very good importance also has its negative aspect. Hence, below are some major demerits of an artificial satellite communication. They are;
  6. It is difficult to repair damaged Satellites in the space as there is no satellite station in the space.
  7. Some environmental factors also affect satellite communication.
  8. Satellites sometimes has a poor retention and transmission signal power.
  9. The production of satellites requires more time.
  10. The high cost of Satellites makes its preclusive and expensive.
  11. Network and unreliable signals are major problem.

A major scenario has been developed. To some extent I was able to lay down on paper what I know about Satellite. With a deep sense of delightfulness, one who have gone through the work, reading it line by line; can get the full details of what a satellite portrays. As well, can be able to knowing some goods and negative parts of a satellite as it goes beyond its types and origin. Satellite has given humanity a lot and we still get to a good upgrading soon.
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