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Black Panther was a first movie in Marvels Cinematic Universe which was based on African Character as lead role.

We already saw the glimpse of Black Panther in Avenger Series beforehand but never got to the back story of development of this character.

Many years ago, an African tribe was residing in place called Wakanda which had rich source of metal called Vibranium. This is very unique kind of metal and they have adapted their whole lifestyle to this metal, making them so advanced and superior than rest of the world.

T'Challa is son of Wakanda's current king and he is neglected his whole life by him in New York. After death of king, his another present there assumes the role of king.

Tribes are not happy with him at first because of no taking aggressive stance for taking revenge of his father's killing.

He gets defeated when T'challa returns and loses his throne. Later on, he is seen recovering and getting ready to fight back and stop using misuse of Vibranium.


He truly emerges as King and assumes the role of BLack Panther finally. This movie is quite different from other actin movies because of background score giving African touch and it was quite amusing overall.

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awesome movie 5 start for this movie

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It definitely deserve 5 stars.

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